Cairngorm extensions from Universal Mind

I just saw that Universal Mind Cairngorm extensions for Flex are now set up on RIAForge (thanks Andrew).

We have been using the UM Cairngorm Extensions at Straker Interactive (where I work) for ZoomFlex since about six months.

One of the features that I really like about the UM extensions is the ability to combine together event-business logic. Given that any real-life application (like ZoomFlex) has quite a few commands, having a separate Command class for each command can become quite overwhelming. The ability to aggregate command logic into context-specific command classes is very useful.

Thomas Burleson, Principal Architect at Universal Mind, and the owner for Google Code repository for the project, introduced me to the extensions.

I’m soon going to start working on redoing the two sample Flex-based Cairngorm applications (RSS Reader and Contacts Manager) I did earlier into Cairngorm with the UM twist.

I’ll post links to these over the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you want to have a play with doing that, feel free to check out these apps from Google Code, and drop me a line (at indy [at] so that I can set you up to commit changes back in.

Flex, Cairngorm based contact manager on Google Code

Update (7 March 2011): The project has been moved to GitHub.

I’ve just setup a Google Code GitHub project for the sample contact manager application I had written a while back.

The contact manager used Flex, Cairngorm framework and ColdFusion backend.
The original version of the application was based on Cairngorm .99.

I’ve been working on upgrading the application to Cairngorm 2.2.

You can download the application:

Installation instructions are on the Wiki page.
You can also check it out from the Subversion repository.

Installation instructions are at: and you can check out the source code from there as well.

I’ll shortly be posting a link to the Cairngorm 2.2 version of the application.

It’s been an instructive exercise to upgrade the application from Cairngorm 2.0 to 2.2.

I’ll be blogging that in the next couple of days.

Incorrect Flex 3 SDK download on Adobe site

I just went to download Flex 3 SDK from the Try Flex Builder 3 page on the Adobe site.

The file that downloads when one clicks the “Download Flex SDK 3 for all platforms” link at the bottom of the page is called “”.

When one unzips the file and looks at the readme, it confirms that the SDK vesion is: Version 2.0.1.

I presume the “hf1” in the file name suggests that it is Flex 2 SDK with ‘hotfix 1’.

Is anyone else also facing this issue or is it only me?

The SDK that ships with Flex Builder 3 does indeed have a readme that indicates SDK version 3.0. I guess I’ll just use that for now.

Update (9.30 a.m.):

The link on the download page has now been fixed. Adobe took just an hour to pick up this blog entry, respond to it, and fix the issue. Very impressive!

Given that I downloaded the incorrect Flex SDK (2.0) earlier today, and am downloading the correct one right now (3.0), I can’t help but comment on the size of the SDK. Flex SDK 2.0 was 38.11mb. Flex SDK 3.0 is 78.44mb! Lots of goodies!

RIA conference announced — Web on the Piste, August 2008, New Zealand

Web on the Piste — the Conference on Rich Internet Technologies has been announced for this year.

It will be held on 20-21 August 2008 in the pretty Queenstown, in the South Island of New Zealand.

The theme for this year’s conference is usability and user experience in RIAs.

The cost for registering for the conference is AUD 500.

So if you are interested in either attending or speaking or sponsoring, head over to the Web on the Piste website and register your interest.

Last year’s conference was quite successful for a new event. The conference was completely booked out. There were about 120 participants. And there were some really nice speakers from the US, Australia and New Zealand (including me 😉 ).

In case you don’t quite know what the word “piste” means: “a piste is the name given to a marked ski-run or path down a mountain for the purposes of skiing, snowboarding, or other mountain sports” (from Wikipedia).

Queenstown is known for its beautiful surroundings and great skiing duing the southern hemispehere winters. So the big idea behind Web on the Piste is that you come down under, get to interact from peers, learn a few things about RIAs and ski/snowboard/bungee!

Here are links to some pictures from last year. Some pictures are on Flickr, and some are on Facebook.

(BTW, I work for Straker Interactive — the organizers of Web on the Piste).

TODO/FIXME extension for Flex Builder

Found this wonderful TODO/FIXME extension for Flex Builder today that shows TODO/FIXME tasks in the Tasks view — much like what one gets in the Java perspective.

Prior to using this extension, I was leaving all kinds of visual and searchable markers in the code so that I could search for them at a later point of time to finish off tasks or fix issues. But with this extension all that will be a thing of the past!

Thanks to Dirk Eismann for this wonderful extension.