Flex, Cairngorm based contact manager on Google Code

Update (7 March 2011): The project has been moved to GitHub.

I’ve just setup a Google Code GitHub project for the sample contact manager application I had written a while back.

The contact manager used Flex, Cairngorm framework and ColdFusion backend.
The original version of the application was based on Cairngorm .99.

I’ve been working on upgrading the application to Cairngorm 2.2.

You can download the application: CFCairngormContacts.zip

Installation instructions are on the Wiki page.
You can also check it out from the Subversion repository.

Installation instructions are at: https://github.com/indynagpal/CFCairngormContacts and you can check out the source code from there as well.

I’ll shortly be posting a link to the Cairngorm 2.2 version of the application.

It’s been an instructive exercise to upgrade the application from Cairngorm 2.0 to 2.2.

I’ll be blogging that in the next couple of days.

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