Sublimate – Open in Sublime Text 2

Subliminate - Open Files/Folders in Sublime Text 2 using Path FinderIntroducing Sublimate — a Mac-only application to open files/folders in Sublime Text 2 by selecting them in Path Finder.

Think of Sublimate as “Open in Sublime Text 2” command that works in Path Finder.

You can select a single folder or a single file, or multiple folders and/or multiple files. Sublimate handles them all by opening them in Sublime Text 2.


  • Download Sublimate or clone the Git repository (
  • Copy to a folder of you choice (e.g., /Applications)
  • Browse to the folder in Path Finder, and drag the Sublimate application to the Toolbar on top.
  • To open a folder/file in Sublime Text 2, select it in Path Finder and click the Sublimate button in the toolbar.

2 thoughts on “Sublimate – Open in Sublime Text 2”

    1. I’m using 5.7.3 as well, and when I have a folder or a file/s selected, and click on the button, it seems to open it as expected. If you look at the AppleScript at github, you’ll see that it looks for selection in PathFinder. Let me know it you get it to go.

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