Update (7 March 2011): The most recent list of projects is available at:

Over the past few years I’ve created some small applications to either provide as examples in the trainings that I’ve conducted, or as learning grounds for something new that I’ve tried. Some of these projects include:

Flex-based Contact Manager using Cairngorm Framework
A simple contact manager that allows for contacts to be listed, added, edited and searched. The backend uses ColdFusion to store information in memory.I wrote this app to get my head around key Cairngorm concepts. I found this really helped to understand the basics of the framework. This application uses the Adobe Cairngorm framework.

Flex-based RSS Reader using Cairngorm Framework
This is a simple Flex RSS Reader that uses the Adobe Cairngorm framework. During the various Flex trainings that I conducted, I found that the participants were finding it difficult to get their heads around too many things — Flex, and then Cairngorm. I used this application quite often to illustrate how Cairngorm can be used to structure Flex applications.

I’m currently in the process of learning Groovy and Grails. I’ll soon be posting two applications that I’ve used to help me get my head around the basic concepts of both.

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