Cairngorm extensions from Universal Mind

I just saw that Universal Mind Cairngorm extensions for Flex are now set up on RIAForge (thanks Andrew).

We have been using the UM Cairngorm Extensions at Straker Interactive (where I work) for ZoomFlex since about six months.

One of the features that I really like about the UM extensions is the ability to combine together event-business logic. Given that any real-life application (like ZoomFlex) has quite a few commands, having a separate Command class for each command can become quite overwhelming. The ability to aggregate command logic into context-specific command classes is very useful.

Thomas Burleson, Principal Architect at Universal Mind, and the owner for Google Code repository for the project, introduced me to the extensions.

I’m soon going to start working on redoing the two sample Flex-based Cairngorm applications (RSS Reader and Contacts Manager) I did earlier into Cairngorm with the UM twist.

I’ll post links to these over the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you want to have a play with doing that, feel free to check out these apps from Google Code, and drop me a line (at indy [at] so that I can set you up to commit changes back in.

11 thoughts on “Cairngorm extensions from Universal Mind”

  1. I’m very interested in seeing the redoing of the your two sample Flex-based Cairngorm applications by using the UM twist.

  2. I hope to find some time this weekend (it is a long weekend for us here in New Zealand – ANZAC day).

    Hopefully I’ll have two updated examples — Contact manager, and Flex RSS reader — translated into UM Cairngorm.

  3. Thanks a lot Indy, the hello world example. That really put things in perspective, and for others who are waiting for other sample code, I would advise you to read the source code, as there are in built examples in the comments section. for e.g.
    in the file com\universalmind\cairngorm\business\, you can find out how to use this delegate class, if you read the comments section, there is a method on how to use the delgate class.

    Thanks once again. Letting us read the source code really helped me.

  4. Your ‘Hello World’ Introduction to using the UM Cairngorm extensions is fantastic. The only part missing was a delegate. I know obviously that there was no data look-up, but would it be possible for you to pretend there was something being pulled from a remote location. I’d love to have that final piece to complete my understanding.

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