Incorrect Flex 3 SDK download on Adobe site

I just went to download Flex 3 SDK from the Try Flex Builder 3 page on the Adobe site.

The file that downloads when one clicks the “Download Flex SDK 3 for all platforms” link at the bottom of the page is called “”.

When one unzips the file and looks at the readme, it confirms that the SDK vesion is: Version 2.0.1.

I presume the “hf1” in the file name suggests that it is Flex 2 SDK with ‘hotfix 1’.

Is anyone else also facing this issue or is it only me?

The SDK that ships with Flex Builder 3 does indeed have a readme that indicates SDK version 3.0. I guess I’ll just use that for now.

Update (9.30 a.m.):

The link on the download page has now been fixed. Adobe took just an hour to pick up this blog entry, respond to it, and fix the issue. Very impressive!

Given that I downloaded the incorrect Flex SDK (2.0) earlier today, and am downloading the correct one right now (3.0), I can’t help but comment on the size of the SDK. Flex SDK 2.0 was 38.11mb. Flex SDK 3.0 is 78.44mb! Lots of goodies!

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  1. We found out about the error yesterday afternoon (3/4/2008) and the team is fixing the issue. Sorry about the broken link. I will blog when this is fixed.

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