ColdFusionMX Syntax Files for PSPad (Again!)

Apologies for the repeat posting, but the earlier link to the syntax file was not working. The webserver was not liking sending back .ini files (which is the extension of the syntax file).

I’ve uploaded the syntax file again with the original entry. This time it is a zipped file. You’d need to unzip this into the {PSPad install path}/syntax directory.

Thanks to Ken Auenson for pointing this out.


Flex Builder alternative — IntellJ IDEA 7.0.3

The next version of IntelliJ IDEA– 7.0.3 — will have built-in support for Flex development.

Among other things, it will support:

  • Smart code completion for MXML and AS files, with cross-resolution of code symbols between them, even inside of mx:Script blocks and attribute values
  • Automatic code formatting, highlighting and styling
  • On-the-fly code validation with instant quick-fixes
  • Search for perfomance bottlenecks, bad code practices
  • Refactoring

Here is a tutorial using IntelliJ IDEAfor Flex development. You’ll need to sign up for the early release program of JetBrains to get the beta of IDEA7.0.3.

More information can be found on this blog post by JetBrains.

This is a great news for those who like to use IDEA as their preferred development environment. Also, it is good to have choice!

Price-wise they are at par — the personal edition of IDEA is USD 249, which is the same as Flex Builder.

AnyEdit: useful plugin for code formatting in Flex Builder / Eclipse

Over the past few days I’ve been searching for a Eclipse/Flex Builder plugin that would let me trim the unnecessary spaces left at the end of lines in the code that I work on.

I found a very nice extension called AnyEdit that performs the task of trimming extra space very well. I’ve been using it for a few hours now and it’s worked very nicely.

AnyEdit can trim trailing spaces on any text-based file type editable in Eclipse/Flex Builder
Another task that the script performs very well is the ability to convert tabs in to spaces (and vice versa).

It also has some other nice features, like case conversion, chars to HTML entity conversion, etc.
You can download the extension from the AnyEdit site.
It’s a must-have.

TODO/FIXME extension for Flex Builder

Found this wonderful TODO/FIXME extension for Flex Builder today that shows TODO/FIXME tasks in the Tasks view — much like what one gets in the Java perspective.

Prior to using this extension, I was leaving all kinds of visual and searchable markers in the code so that I could search for them at a later point of time to finish off tasks or fix issues. But with this extension all that will be a thing of the past!

Thanks to Dirk Eismann for this wonderful extension.