Using Different SSH Keys for Different Servers

I use Unfuddle a lot for the various projects that I work on.

Yesterday I had a situation where I need to use another SSH key for connecting up to the Git repository at Unfuddle.

Googled and googled… no simple answer. Then found a couple of pages that explained how to do this in such technical terms that it took a while to figure it out.

So this is what you got to do…

(I use Mac so, can’t say if it works on Linux/Windows).

So create a new SSH key. Unfuddle have a good explanation on how to do this. Create a key that does not have the default name. By default the keys are stored in ~/.ssh directory.

Now to use this newly created key with the Git repos on Unfuddle, create a file called “config” in the ~/.ssh folder.

Add the following to the file and save.

User git
IdentityFile /Users/yourfolder/.ssh/

Oh and by the way, Unfuddle takes a few minutes to register the ssh key added in your account section.

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