Search Engine Safe URLs on ColdFusion MX 6

Today I needed to enable the server-level search engine safe (SES) urls on a ColdFusion MX 6 server.

In the past I’ve referred to an Adobe technote for this. This technote shows how to accomplish this by adding a few servlet mappings to web.xml of the server.

I wanted to add the same mappings to a CF 6 server to enable SES urls. Howver, for some strange reason, the technote shows a screenshot of these mappings, which means that I can’t simply cut and paste them into my web.xml.

So here are the nodes for these mappings as “text” rather an “image”.

<!--If your J2EE server supports it, you can uncomment these.They are included to support Search Engine Safe (SES) URL types.Some servers (Tomcat, SunONE) don't support wildcard mappings-->
<!-- begin SES -->
<servlet-mapping id="macromedia_mapping_11">

<servlet-mapping id="macromedia_mapping_12">

<servlet-mapping id="macromedia_mapping_13">
<!-- end SES -->

Add these to the web.xml of your server, restart the server instance, and the any application (like BlogCFC) that makes use of search-engine safe urls will start working nicely.

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