Internet Usage in New Zealand

I recently came across a report on carrying statistics about internet usage trends in New Zealand. It is based on a survey conducted in September-October 2007 of 1430 New Zealanders.

Here are some interesting findings:

  1. 78% of New Zealanders use the Internet.
  2. 15% of users are online at home for at least 20 hours a week.
  3. 66% have broadband, 31% dialup
  4. 71% of users say the Internet is an important source of information, compared to 52% for newspapers and television
  5. 10% of NZ Internet users have a blog
  6. 77% check email daily
  7. 28% participate in social networking sites

The full report can be downloaded from the Auckland University of Technology website.

3 thoughts on “Internet Usage in New Zealand”

  1. Pity they do not tell you how poor the service is – broadband is certainly slower than 2mbps for most users due to years of monopoly telecom (backed by government). One can only wonder what the stats would have been like if there was anything close to broadband and at a reasonable price

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