These are some my open-source projects. Most of these are available on

Sublimate: Open in Sublime Text 2

A Mac-only application to open files/folders in Sublime Text 2 by selecting them in Path Finder. Think of Sublimate as “Open in Sublime Text 2″ command that works in Path Finder.

ColdFusion Plugin for Sublime Text 2

ColdFusion bundle for Textmate ported over to Sublime Text 2.

CFWheels Dictionary for Mac OSX

A plugin for the Mac Dictionary application that provides searchable CFWheels API documentation.

Coda Snippets for ColdFusion, MXUnit and ShadoCMS

Coda has a very nice snippets functionality called ‘Clips’. There are some clips that I compiled for convenient access to ColdFusion, MXUnit and ShadoCMS development.

Apache Configuration Language Module for Coda

Syntax highlighting of Apache configuration files in Coda.

Flex-based Contact Manager using Cairngorm Framework

A simple contact manager that allows for contacts to be listed, added, edited and searched. The backend uses ColdFusion to store information in memory.I wrote this app to get my head around key Cairngorm concepts. I found this really helped to understand the basics of the framework. This application uses the Adobe Cairngorm framework.

Flex-based RSS Reader using Cairngorm Framework

This is a simple Flex RSS Reader that uses the Adobe Cairngorm framework. During the various Flex trainings that I conducted, I found that the participants were finding it difficult to get their heads around too many things — Flex, and then Cairngorm. I used this application quite often to illustrate how Cairngorm can be used to structure Flex applications.

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