Search CFWheels Documentation

CFWheels has excellent documentation. Well organized, sufficiently detailed, well presented.

Something that is missing at the moment, and is on the list of things to-do for the CFWheels team, is to add a search feature to the docs.

Till the time that feature is implemented, I created a Google custom search for CFWheels docs.

I just find that after one has understood the basics and has started building an application, there is a need to be able to quickly search for information rather than go through listing of topics to figure out where can one find a piece of information.

To that end, a search interface proves very useful.

So, if you want to search CFWheels documentation till the time a formal search is put on the site, you are more than welcome to use the custom search that I use.

You can access the search at:

Or use the search box below to search: