Organizing imports in Flex Builder 2

Today I was working on refactoring code of a large Flex application.

Many files contained lots of imports at the top. I was looking for a quick way to organize my imports.

I did vaguely remember that there was on an option somewhere to organize the imports, but couldn’t remember where to find it! Did all my right-clicks etc., but just couldnt’ see it.

I was almost about to move on, but then I found it!
In Flex Builder, click on Source > Organize Imports to organize imports alphabetically.

Even better, there is shortcut keys for it organizing imports.

On Windows: CTRL + Shift + o

On Mac: Apple + Shift + o.

Keep in mind that that imports can only be organized in this manner in Actionscript files only. (This will not work in MXML files.)
But overall, it works beautifully.

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  1. What we do for organizing imports in MXML files is a small trick – we cut all imports from MXML file into empty AS file, press On Windows: CTRL + Shift + o and then paste organized imports back into MXML file.

    Kinda hassle, but it works…

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