New Zealand, a great place to do business (including software development)

Just found this blog entry that speaks of why New Zealand is a great place to do business. Some of the reasons mentioned are:

  • At 30%, the corporate tax is lower than or equal to most developed countries?.
  • Our GST is only 12.5%, in most developed countries it is 15-25%.
  • Workforce participation is 68%, very high by international standards.
  • ACC provides no-fault income insurance, meaning businesses to not have to go to massive expense insuring themselves against litigation by injured workers and hiring lawyers to defend themselves.
  • Ease of doing business is New Zealand is second in the world only to Singapore.
  • This is the least corrupt country in the world.
  • Corporate profits were up 60.5% in just six years from 1999 to 2005.
  • Only 0.54% of businesses failed last year.

Plus it offers a great lifestyle!

On the downside, Internet connectivity less than average, but is getting better every year.

But if you can be happy living on a large, very pretty island, New Zealand is the place for you.

I came to New Zealand five years back and have been working in the area of software development, and have enjoyed every minute of being here.

5 thoughts on “New Zealand, a great place to do business (including software development)”

  1. All sounds good apart from the internet connectivity 🙂
    It’s certainly a place which sounds like it would appeal to me, yet I’ve still not made it over. Where did you move from?

  2. It is quite a nice place. I was in India before that. And before that in Canada.

    NZ certainly beats Canada in terms of the weather! Lovely sailing, accessible beaches…

  3. I love the sound of NZ and would love to at least visit. Especially during the ski season 🙂

    Another downside, from what I’ve heard, is that it’s very expensive to get anywhere. I’m in London and dated a Kiwi for a while and she said that the main reason she left was that it cost her a fortune to travel, visit friends abroad, get to conferences, etc. Coming to London allowed her to visit Europe very easily and get much cheaper flights to other countries.


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