JSP Issues with Railo

In JBoss, if you deploy Railo jars in server/servername/lib folder (basically if you do a global Railo install), then you would have have noticed that JSP pages stop working. It appears that a global install of Railo seems to overwrite the servlet that handles JSP pages. As a result, each time you try and access JSP pages in any other application that is running on the same JBoss instance, you get a message like:

HTTP Status 405 – HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL type
Status report
message HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL
description The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested
resource (HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL).

And this is quite irritating as other applications like jmx-console (which rely on JSP pages) stop working.

The way to fix this is to not do a global install of Railo jars. Normally there is no compelling reason to do such an install.

So basically deploy Railo as a EAR/WAR application, with the WEB-INF/lib folder containing all the Railo jar files (instead of server/servername/lib folder), and follow instructions on my earlier blog entry on Fixing Classloader Conflicts in Railo on JBoss.

Since Railo libs are not installed for all apps on the server instance, JSPs start working, and chance of other such conflicts are reduced.

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