Using Decentralized Version Control with CF – My talk at CFObjective ANZ

A couple of weeks back I presented at CFObjective ANZ in Melbourne, on how to make ColdFusion development a little more cooler using a decentralized version control system (DVCS) like Git.

The basic idea behind the presentation was this:

A commonly used version control system in the ColdFusion community is Subversion — a centralized system that relies on being connected to a central server. The next generation version control systems are decentralized, in that version control tasks do not rely on a central server.

Decentralized version control systems are more efficient and offer a more practical way of software development.

In this session, I covered considerations in moving from Subversion to Git, a decentralized version control system. And also the pros and cons of each.

Version control is often used in conjunction with a testing framework and continuous integration. I wanted to demo an example of how to integrate Git with a testing framework, MXUnit, and a continuous integration server, Hudson. But ran out of time. So maybe that is something I can do another time in another conference!

You can download a PDF it here: Make it Cooler – Using Decentralized Version Control

Or view it at SlideShare.

Would like to hear from you on what you think of it.

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    1. Sure, that’d be great. But it’ll have to be some time next year, around February. Will that work? Ping me via email at indy [at] nagpals [dot] com

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