iPhone and Flash — iPhone SDK comparison with Windows Mobile, S60, Android

Just saw an interesting article on Engadget that compared iPhone SDK to Windows Mobile, Android, S60 and Toolchain.

What is really interesting is that Windows Mobile along with Nokia S60 supports Flash.

iPhone, as you know, does not support Flash (and won’t support it any time soon, given Apple’s comments yesterday about Flash being too slow to run on iPhone).

And what is even more interesting is that Microsoft and Nokia have signed a deal to make Silverlight available on Nokia S60 and S40.

So two things really:

  1. Adobe needs to do something to get on to the iPhone platform. AIR runtime perhaps?
  2. Adobe needs to look at engaging Nokia for AIR runtime.

Here is the article at Engadget: iPhone SDK Comparison Chart.

2 thoughts on “iPhone and Flash — iPhone SDK comparison with Windows Mobile, S60, Android”

  1. Apple considers the Flash platform a direct competitor to Quicktime. Hence no Flash on the iPhone.

    Where is the wonderful Quicktime platform for RIAs?

    Apple will regret their approach with respect to Flash. As a Flash developer, I feel disenfranchised.

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