The Ultimate Conference for Rich Internet Technologies in August 2007

Straker Interactive (where I work) have just announced “Web on the Piste — The Ultimate Conference for Rich Internet Technologies”.

It will be held in Queenstown, New Zealand, 22-23rd August 2007. And will cover topics like Flex, Ajax, Spry and Flash.

Go to Web on the Piste ( site to find out more and register.

But the basic idea is to come have fun on the beautiful ski fields of Queenstown and learn about rich internet technologies.

I like the idea 🙂

I’ll be posting more this in the coming few weeks.

Instantiating a CFC in a directory with a period (.) in the directory name

The question is: how do you instantiate a ColdFusion Component (CFC) that exists in a directory which has a period (.) in the directory name.

The CFC I wanted to invoke lived at c:\webroot\components\2.1\math.cfc.

Instantiating it with the full package path “components.2.1.math“, threw an error.

I tried using “/” as well as square brackets in the package path, but both threw ColdFusion errors.

The answer was to create a ColdFusion Mapping (through the ColdFusion Administrator) to the folder in which the CFC lived.

So I created a mapping called “/version_2_1/” and pointed it to “c:\webroot\components\2.1\“. This way the full package page of the CFC was “version_2_1.math“. And this is a seen as a valid path by ColdFusion.

So life is sweet for now.

However, I’m still not sure what would one do if one didn’t have access to CF Administrator.

Do let me know if you know of any other way.

Using JDBC to connect to Microsoft Access database

I’m doing a training tomorrow for which I needed to use a demo Microsoft Access database.
However, my laptop does not have ColdFusionMX 7 ODBC Server and ODBC Agent installed as Windows services. So, each time I try to setup a Microsoft Access datasource, I get a message:

The ColdFusion MX 7 ODBC Server service is not running or has not been installed.
You may also use the “MS Access with Unicode” driver to connect to MS Access datasources.

As I didn’t feel like manually installing the ODBC agent and server, I wondered if there was a way to simply use JDBC to connect directly to the Access database.
And there is.In ColdFusion Administrator, create a datasource of the type “other”. And use the following settings subsequently:


jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=[Full path to your database file];DriverID22;

Driver Class:


I prefer to always specify the Driver Name. It helps later to identify the database type from the datasource listing page. You can skip this if you don’t give a toss.

Drive Name:

MS Access via JDBC

Username, Password:

If the database requires any username, password, specify those.

Submit and and that’s it.

New Zealand Flex usergroup now active

I joined the newly-started New Zealand Flex user group today. It feels nice to be part of a growing community of users and developers who are embracing Flex down under.

I’ve been working with Flex, on and off, for over an year and a half now. It already feels like such a long time. And what makes me giddy with excitement is that it is just the beginning.

Well, anyway, here the URL for the NZ Flex usergroup:

Good stuff, Kai and Campbell!